Mensez – Man says what?!

IOF finally

  Just the other day I was scolding myself for not reading enough Trump-unrelated news. While I was clearly inhabiting a filter bubble until last November, I am now inhabiting a bubble in which everyone desperately tries to keep track of the orange man and his adventures. Yet once in a while other white cis hetero men poke the bubble, demanding some attention for themselves and once in a blue moon their cause is so stupid, that I would somewhat prefer to just stay with The Donald and his fuckery. Today is one of those days and Daniel Dopps is the man. To make a (hopefully) short story even shorter: Dopps developed a lipstick with which women should glue their labia minora shut during menstruation. This, so Dopps, is a positive thing (in case you were wondering whether I hang out too much on SM blogs), because it would mean that menstruating people (my words obviously) would not need „diapers and plugs“ anymore (his words obviously). Now I wish, I were more articulate on this than I am. However fact is, that I am utterly lost for words. I am not sure how anyone with a functioning understanding of female […]

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