How To Do a Lot in Four Days Without Dying: A Barcelona Itinerary

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  Ok. So as you might have noticed I always have an existential dread about writing blog posts at all. I constantly ask myself, why anything I want to write is relevant and -maybe more realistically speaking- who the fuck is gonna read this anyway? So much so that this post has been pending for almost a year. Yes. It’s January 2017 now. But here we go. I was in Barcelona last February with my two uncles and my boyfriend (because why not?) and it was a trip I had planned meticulously, so I had wanted to share it. Now I know, I am not presenting you some little unknown village somewhere in Moldova, but a city that attracts about 7 million visitors per year- which is making the place sometimes unbearable for its 1.7 million inhabitants. Barcelona as a tourist hot spot has seen it all. From naked Italians roaming the streets to housing insecurity because of Airbnb flats. There is even a documentary about the issues this city has with its tourists. Seeing all of this put me off at first- do I really wanna go on a weekend trip to Barcelona and contribute to this? The way I managed […]

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