How do you read?


  Don’t get me wrong: I’m not illiterate. Obviously. Yet I feel like it’s becoming more and more difficult (if not impossible) for me to read a longer text. And by that I mean an elaborate article, a short novel or basically anything that is longer than your average tweet. It’s been a few years that I noticed a decline in my reading abilities. When I was a teenager, I used to riffle through thick books within an afternoon, reading 100 pages per hour. But since I’m a student I’m getting slower and slower. Sure, the quality and therefore difficulty of my reading material has risen. But to this extent? I don’t think so. For a long time I attributed this to my literary studies. Having to read all the time must have spoiled it for me. Maybe I was just constantly tired of it. Yet not even being on holidays could excite the spark to sit down with a lengthy book. I also began to notice that the distractedness I felt, when trying to read, had crept over into other areas of my life: „multitasking“ or having several stimuli at once has become my default mode of doing just about anything. […]

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Don’t you have better things to do than writing a fashion blog?

  First of all: Yes. Me, in particular, I would need to write a shit ton of other stuff right now. But that is besides the point. Does anyone still need to write a fashion blog in 2016? Even if you want to put yourself out there, why not just microblog over instagram? Are we still pretending to read the text accompanying the outfit posts of big blogs? When I started blogging the idea of fashion blogs was new, fresh and exciting. I loved seeing girls like me wear stuff I could afford and find myself. But in just over a decade a lot has changed. This is certainly a topic I would like to further explore in future. How we went from average looking young women wearing H&M to the same women somehow not only transforming their wardrobes but also their bodies, wandering off into spheres which -once again- are not reachable for your average Susie. I find it fascinating how twelve years ago bloggers would be shamed for being rude, while today the arguably same nobodies manage to still make money without even disclosing where their clothes come from. Which brings me back to the title of this post: what’s […]

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(Neu) Anfang


    Mit dem Schreiben von Blogs habe ich Übung. Dieser hier ist mittlerweile mein Vierter. Ich gehöre zur Generation, die alles mitgemacht hat: MSN, Foren, Diddl-Chatroom, bescheuerte Email Adressen und myblog Designs inklusive. Die Blogs sind dann langsam anspruchsvoller geworden, ich gab mir Mühe weniger hinzukotzen und mehr vorzubereiten. Trotz dem Drang zu schreiben, Fotos zu teilen, auszutauschen und Dinge loszuwerden, blieben mir diese digitalen Tagebücher nie lange erhalten. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass dieses aufwändige Format nicht zu mir passt (mein privater Instagram Account ist bis dato mein längster persönlicher Erfolg in Sachen Kontinuität). Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass ich in einem Alter war, in dem ich mich viel zu schnell weiterentwickelte. Die Beiträge von letztem Monat waren schnell peinlich, nicht gut genug oder passten nicht ins Konzept. Ein Konzept zu haben, das wissen die Besitzer von erfolgreichen Social Media Accounts, ist schliesslich das A und O. Man arbeitet an seinem Gesamteindruck, gleicht die Farbtemperatur seiner Bilder an, kennt seine Zielgruppe und kontrolliert seinen Inhalt. Vielleicht liegt die Kurzlebigkeit meiner Blogs auch daran, dass ich an meinen eigenen Konzepten immer wieder gescheitert bin. Es verhält sich ähnlich mit meinem Kleidungsstil. Ich nehme mir regelmässig vor mich minimalistisch zu […]

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