I’m a student but at night I tell stories.
About migration, pain, the power of money and the art of overthinking the world.

I’m here to scratch my own itch; I want to write what I wanted to read when I was struggling with shit.

Born 1992 in Sarnen, Switzerland I took my first flight at the tender age of 2½ weeks back to my mother’s home Tăuții-Măgherăuș, Romania, where she would leave me with my eccentric but awesome grandma. 1997 I was brought back to Switzerland, so I could live a more privileged life. I’ve been mostly stuck here ever since.iof3

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I know, I have something to say, but I’ve struggled for a long time to find out, what exactly that is. Quite often my problem is, that I have too many interests. As a student of the humanities this is a scary situation to be in. After all, the people in my field do the opposite: they become experts of their niche. Fachidioten. And I do love nerding out about certain things, but it’s not sustainable to me. My niche is connection.

How do things relate to each other? What is my connection to this unusual topic? Why should I care?

What I do have, however, is a perspective. The lens through which I look at the world is what makes my message what it is. Who you are will shape, how you see the world. It is also the reason why I’m writing here, because I realized that some lenses are used less than others to view the world. I’m looking at things as a migrant, as someone who struggles with chronic pain and mental illness, as a child of working class parents.


words are big. write me, if you want. industryoffools [ät] gmail.com