Light Hurts


This is the first time I will address mental health directly here. I should have done that ages ago, because honestly it is probably the topic I have most to say about (except complaining about people on public transport which has become an olympic discipline in my universe). The articles I read nowadays about various aspects of mental health make me want to personally scream at the authors. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or to discredit people’s feelings, but in my opinion there is a big number of people out there who write about mental health without being qualified to do so- mostly because they are not mentally unhealthy in the clinical sense. And their writing gets eaten up by people who are equally healthy. Yes, this sounds cruel and I hope no one who really needs help reads this, thinking that they are a fraud. But I do believe that current developments in psychology, including the DSM 5 have contributed to lots of actually healthy people diagnosing themselves. Those people then heal their „mental disorders“ by doing yoga once a week, spending time in a forest and doing a vegan detox. Again, don’t get me wrong, all […]

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