Trump: „I’m going to build a wall“ – you already did.

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  I almost feel sorry for writing this because I myself am completely saturated with news about Trump. And I don’t even live in the states. Yet for the past year, reading things about the US election has become as essential to my daily routine as brushing my teeth. Everyday a new scandal, a new hilariously tragic misstep, a new reason for extensive eye rolling. I don’t think, I can ever use the word tremendous again without cringing. Meanwhile we all surely missed out on politics being made in the shadows of this freak show. There have been two major Romanian elections this year and I, as a Romanian living in Switzerland, can’t tell you a single thing about them. But I sure remember five different jokes Lindsay Graham made about his own party. As the polls are pointing more and more to Hilary Clinton winning in a landslide, people like me seem to be unclenching. The ridicule which we felt, before we had to take Trump seriously is slowly coming back. Trump is once again returning to the realm of entertainment. He can be grouped once again with Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton or some other human we feed […]

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