How do you read?


  Don’t get me wrong: I’m not illiterate. Obviously. Yet I feel like it’s becoming more and more difficult (if not impossible) for me to read a longer text. And by that I mean an elaborate article, a short novel or basically anything that is longer than your average tweet. It’s been a few years that I noticed a decline in my reading abilities. When I was a teenager, I used to riffle through thick books within an afternoon, reading 100 pages per hour. But since I’m a student I’m getting slower and slower. Sure, the quality and therefore difficulty of my reading material has risen. But to this extent? I don’t think so. For a long time I attributed this to my literary studies. Having to read all the time must have spoiled it for me. Maybe I was just constantly tired of it. Yet not even being on holidays could excite the spark to sit down with a lengthy book. I also began to notice that the distractedness I felt, when trying to read, had crept over into other areas of my life: „multitasking“ or having several stimuli at once has become my default mode of doing just about anything. […]

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