11 Notes About Lisbon

When I was compiling this list, I noticed that I hadn’t written about tiles, the color blue or elevators, but I guess you can read all about those in roughly the first dozen or so results for “Lisbon” on Pinterest. What I have for you here is a taste of me being starstruck (hello, food!) and shell-shocked (really, how many times can people offer you cocaine in six days?!). So, if you like peacocks and think that geese can go fuck themselves, then this is for you. Never have I been to a place that so consistently smelled like good cooking. I don’t mean the heavy stench of big restaurants, I’m talking about barbecue at the lake and family reunions and grandmothers baking in the early morning. It’s steep. It has many stairs. I lived in Lausanne, which already is notorious for its panic-inducing stairs. I’ve visited Lyon and wanted to cry when once again I couldn’t see the end of another set of ever winding steps. But Lisbon..there’s just something about it. How I both felt like participating in a booty-workout bootcamp and how it just structured the place perfectly. I wrote about this in an Instagram post already […]

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Gedanken übers Prokrastinieren


Die Prokrastination als Thema ist im Mainstream angekommen. Ja, man könnte sogar sagen, dass sie ziemlich gut verankert ist. Man kann Blogpost um Blogpost darüber lesen, Zeitungen von A bis Z haben darüber berichtet und wenn man nicht lesen mag, kann man ja sogar einem Ted Talk zum Thema lauschen. Das kann dann -sogar!- zu einer neuen Form der Prokrastination werden. Anstatt jetzt das zu tun, was ich eigentlich tun sollte, verschwende ich einen ganzen Tag darauf mich von Prokrastination, zu Konditionierungstheorien zu Pawlowschen Hunden zu Placebos bis hin zu Benjamin Franklin zu klicken. Habt ihr gewusst, dass der Sultan von Konstantinopel Süleyman I gelernter Goldschmied war? Interessant. Was mich aber wirklich gurkt ist, dass ich auch da prokrastiniere, wo ich eigentlich nicht will (beziehungsweise wollen sollte). Nämlich bei Dingen, die mir eigentlich total Spass machen. Also bei meinen Hobbies. Es passiert mir also, dass ich Lust hätte zu schreiben, fotografieren, kochen oder etwas Yoga zu machen, und stattdessen verbringe ich dann einen ganzen Nachmittag damit, eine Haarklammer zu suchen, die mir vor fünf Jahren vielleicht hinter’s Bett gerutscht ist. Und dass gehört wahrscheinlich noch zu meinen besseren Momenten, weil ich dann immerhin hinterm Bett gestaubsaugt habe. Lose -Win, was?! Mit der […]

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Mensez – Man says what?!

IOF finally

  Just the other day I was scolding myself for not reading enough Trump-unrelated news. While I was clearly inhabiting a filter bubble until last November, I am now inhabiting a bubble in which everyone desperately tries to keep track of the orange man and his adventures. Yet once in a while other white cis hetero men poke the bubble, demanding some attention for themselves and once in a blue moon their cause is so stupid, that I would somewhat prefer to just stay with The Donald and his fuckery. Today is one of those days and Daniel Dopps is the man. To make a (hopefully) short story even shorter: Dopps developed a lipstick with which women should glue their labia minora shut during menstruation. This, so Dopps, is a positive thing (in case you were wondering whether I hang out too much on SM blogs), because it would mean that menstruating people (my words obviously) would not need „diapers and plugs“ anymore (his words obviously). Now I wish, I were more articulate on this than I am. However fact is, that I am utterly lost for words. I am not sure how anyone with a functioning understanding of female […]

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How To Do a Lot in Four Days Without Dying: A Barcelona Itinerary

barcelona header

  Ok. So as you might have noticed I always have an existential dread about writing blog posts at all. I constantly ask myself, why anything I want to write is relevant and -maybe more realistically speaking- who the fuck is gonna read this anyway? So much so that this post has been pending for almost a year. Yes. It’s January 2017 now. But here we go. I was in Barcelona last February with my two uncles and my boyfriend (because why not?) and it was a trip I had planned meticulously, so I had wanted to share it. Now I know, I am not presenting you some little unknown village somewhere in Moldova, but a city that attracts about 7 million visitors per year- which is making the place sometimes unbearable for its 1.7 million inhabitants. Barcelona as a tourist hot spot has seen it all. From naked Italians roaming the streets to housing insecurity because of Airbnb flats. There is even a documentary about the issues this city has with its tourists. Seeing all of this put me off at first- do I really wanna go on a weekend trip to Barcelona and contribute to this? The way I managed […]

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defending spaces


  On tuesday the gentrifying hipsters in my neighborhood showed the movie Koyaanisqatsi down on the square under our building. Coming back home from a reading session in the park, I heard the music and decided to go have look at their little festival. I sat down on a bench, a bit off from the small crowd and watched the film by myself. At some point a man and a woman, who had just arrived, recognized each other next to the food truck. As they were greeting each other, all excited, they moved away from the truck and the audience. They stopped about 30cm in front of me. My sandals even touched his sneakers for a second. Looming over me, completely obscuring my view they started chatting. I couldn’t believe it. We almost touched, her dress would flutter against me if there were the slightest bit of wind, yet they seemed utterly oblivious of my presence. This is not the first time something like this happened to me And while I might be wrong on this for many reasons (the present is not a good judge), I feel like this phenomenon is especially poignant in Lausanne. Nowhere else have I bumped against so […]

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